Submission Guidelines

  • We consider unpublished work covering a broad range of subject matter, but we place special emphasis on that which discusses healthcare or illuminates the experience of health or disease in some way. This can include short fiction, nonfiction, poetry, visual art, music, or book/article reviews, or any other form of creative expression that strikes your fancy.


  • We are not currently accepting submissions. but check back this Fall!  We publish biannually. 


  • Send submissions to, with the subject heading “____ Submission” (ex. “Nonfiction Submission”) and be sure to include your name and a brief bio (optional) somewhere in the body of the email. Please title your attached files as follows: Lastname_Titleofwork.

  • Written work can be anywhere from 4 words (if you should be so bold) to 4,000 words, but we can be flexible if the need arises.


  • Images should be submitted in PDF format.


  • If we have any editorial recommendations, we will send them to you via email prior to the final acceptance of your work. 


  • If you have an ideas or suggestions that might help us fulfill our mission, or if you have any questions at all, please email us at